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this blog is pretty much about pokemon but mostly about my 2 favorite pokemon Lucario and Riolu!!!!




  1. I love riolu

  2. Lucario is the best.

  3. if i could be any pokemon in the world i would be lucario!
    what other pokemon can talk and scence aura?!

  4. I have Lucario on my daimond version game

  5. i agree with andrew if i were a pokemon i would want to be a lucario 100 percent hes so freakin awsome!!!

  6. I have lucario on diamond. I’m not a ‘cute’ pokemon sort of person.

  7. Lucario and Riolu is the best!

  8. i am a giant of every Pokemon except magikarp

  9. i just got a Zapdos on Pokemon leaf green version today

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